Support Agreement

WordPress Support & Maintenance

WordPress Support services we offer as part of our retainer plans & support agreements, regardless of the website size or type you’re trying to maintain.

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Monthly Support Plan



How will we communicate after we pay?

The project communication goes via a dedicated email just for customers. If you have a larger project, we can arrange a Slack or Monday workspace for real-time communication. For those projects that require intense teamwork, we suggest running weekly standup meetings. For very large, long-term projects, we might use a joint Kanban board to manage the tasks.

Do you roll over unused hours?

Yes, hours roll over for 12 months! If you ever decide to cancel, the rolled-over hours will be lost but you can always use them before canceling.

What if I need an urgent task? Will you handle it?

Yes, we will handle urgent tasks as well, on a best-effort basis, which usually means 1-2 business days. But rest assured: if something truly urgent, we have your back.

How do you allocate hours?

Subscription hours are meant to ensure our availability for you – the hours you pay via the subscription are evenly distributed across the month in order to ensure we can be available when you need us. With the Support Plan, we will allocate 1h/week for your website on a preset weekday that is convenient to you.

The overage/extra hours are meant to quickly knock off some larger tasks when you have them – the overage/extra hours shall you need them, are allocated as soon as possible in bulk, whenever a suitable developer is available.

For how long is the contract? Is there a time commitment?

The subscription is a month to month contract, so you can cancel it at any time with a 30-days notice. There’s no long-term lock in.

What if I need more hours?

If you need more hours than the plan covers, you can purchase these as bundles of 10hr per pack on the Support plan, the price for a 10hr pack is $700. These hours do not expire.

What warranties do you offer?

Our team members have world-class coding experience. However, in those rare cases when you are not happy with our service, you can cancel the monthly payment. As simple as that.

What kind of support are you offering?

You can use the hours for support, advisory, SEO, strategy, development, Project Management and Testing.

I’ve got 2 other offers and yours is the most expensive one

One of the benefits of working with us is you’ll be getting US Quality at Offshore Prices.

The number one mistake people make when choosing a technical partner is to look at only the price and to assume that everything else is equal. It is not, and we can tell from dozens of customers who have come to us with partial digital projects, asking us to review the half-baked code, and to fix it.

Here are some other things to consider besides price when choosing a technical partner:

– The quality of code is not equal; you need secure and scalable code that respects coding standards
– The communication is not the same across all vendors; if you are like most of the folks we’ve worked with, you would certainly love to be kept in the loop regularly about how the project is progressing. We call this the Heartbeat.
– The ability to understand what you need, and to document it, is not the same. You need written proof that your thoughts and vision have been properly understood by your partner.
– The business advice that comes with our technical expertise is not a commodity. For more than 17 years we’ve been helping and guiding close to 1000 entrepreneurs throughout their digital journey.

Would you be able to handle an increased workload when needed?

As an agency, we have the capacity to handle both small and large projects as well as to scale up as you need. We would love to help you with larger builds, so please reach out to us and let us know about your plans. You can request extra development days and get billed at the agreed upon daily rate for any spikes you may have.

Would I be able to use it on more than just one website?

Yes, you can use the support time on as many websites as you need.

Will you help me with setup and integrations such as Zapier, Teachable, Active Campaign, etc?

Yes, we can help you configure and integrate other services in your website as part of the monthly retainer.

Can I use the retainer hours for development based on design or anything else apart from maintenance?

Yes, we can code your designs or perform any other coding-related tasks.

If I have multiple websites, can you work on them as part of the same retainer?

Yes, we can do that as well.